1. A rare 1950s early production Arne Jacobsen designed floor lamp. Designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen made by Poulsen, this early version has a brown enamelled stem and base and a linen oblong shade. It has its original ceramic bulb fittings which retain their original Danish labels. All the wiring is original. The shade has some staining where the linen is joined at the back.  Please note that this item is being stored in the Netherlands. Item Details Eras: 1900s / 20th century Styles: Mid-Century, Scandinavian Style Materials: Metals, Enamelled steel Measurements: 182.0 x 23.0 x 35.0 CM (H x W x D) Change Unit Quantity: 1 Condition: Good Condition Design History Designer: Arne Jacobsen (Denmark , 1902 - 1971 ) Design year: 1958 Maker: Louis Poulsen (Denmark)
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1. Arne Jacobsen 
(Denmark 1902-1971) 
A Rare early version AJ Royal ,floor standing lamp designed in 1956 for the SAS Hotel, Copenhagen. Manufactured by Louis Poulsen.
Price: 1,750 euro

2. Unique modernist wall cabinet designed by Dutch architect Hein Stolle for a 1953 exhibition 'Ons Huis, ons t'huis', held at De Bijenkorf warehouse in Amsterdam. This unique cabinet was exhibited at Wonderwood gallery's exhition of Stolle's work in 2004. 
Price: 2,700 euro

2. Hein Stolle wall cabinet rare modernist item / This item was previous exhibited in the Hein Stolle exhibition at the wonderwood gallery, Amsterdam.3. Be Niegeman Brand. Multifunctional childs cube. 1960s for Goed Wonen. 300 euro.
3. Be Niegeman Brand. Goed wonen stool/table. 1960s.

4. German 1930s ceiling lamps. 
Price: 230 euro

5. Willem Penaat small vanity desk/buro for Pander & Sons. 1920s-30s 
Price: 1,400 euro

6. Ilmari Tapiovaara - x3 stackable Finnish book shelves for Laukaan Puu. 1950s
Price: Price 830 euro

7. Alvar Aalto Model 901 tea-trolly. This is a 1930s-40s model. It has been over-painted and would benefit from being restored.
Price: 2,350 euro

8. Scandinavian 1920s-30s four chairs (table is sold). POA.

9. Murano dish. 1960s Italian glass dish
Price: 320 euro

4. German ceiling lamps/ lights. 1930s.
10. Jan van Bommel (Rotterdam mid c20th architect) teak table.
Price: 995 euro

Willem Penaat vanity desk for Pander & sons. 1930s
6. Ilmari Tapiovaara Finnish design bookshelves. 1950s
11. 1960s Scandinavian desk chair 
Price: 350 euro

12. Marcel Breuer B10 1930s table for Thonet. 
Price: 1,400 euro

13. Wim Rietveld
Metal shelving unit/ bookshelf. 1960 
Price 2,200 euro. 

14. Janni van Pelt - c9 minimalist dining table. Price: 1400 euro 

15. Large Bas Van Pelt double sided oak wood desk for EMS My Home. 1930s. 
Price: 1,800 euro 

16. Arne Jacobsen Grand Prix table. 1950s. Price: 1,950 euro

17. Wilhelmiina chair by Illmari Tapiovaara Wilh. Schumann Finland 1960s.
Price: 1,300 euro 

18. Elmar Berkovich two tier table for Metz & Co. Price: 1,200 euro

19. Four 1958 Neil Morris Morris of Glasgow 'Toby chairs'. This variation is extremely rare to find. Metal bases with thick bent plywood seats (see V&A museum website where they have an example of the more common variation of this chair). Price: 1,400 Euro

20. Frank Guille Kandya kitchen cupboard. 1950s. Price: 680 euro

21. Alvar Aalto model 60 stools. Finmar labels. (three available) 900 euro pp.

22. Raak wall 'starfall' lamp. Designed by Jelles. Price: 265 euro 

7. Alvar Aalto tea trolly. 1930s-40s. For restoration.
23. Small plywood table/ chair set. Designed by Cor Alons for De Boer. 
Price: 900 euro

24. Marcel Breuer Isokon long chair early edition (1950s/60s) with original small measurements (later editions from 1960s+ enlarged the measurements) 
Price: 1890 euro

25. Jan De Jong/ Dom Van Der Laan original table made for Sint Willibrordus church in Almelo. (full provenance including photos of actual pieces in-situ. etc.) 

26. Hans Wegner Pair of book shelves for Ry Mobler. 1960s. 1,000 euro p/p

27.Dom Hans vd Laan large table 1960s. 

28. Small 1950s Dutch chair. Price: 475 euro

29. William Watting shelving units
Price 2,000 euro.

30. Dutch 1930s table. POA.

31.Dutch Amsterdam School lamp. 1920s. 
Price: 300 euro

8. scandinavian 1930s. Oregon pine table and four chairs32. Swedish Watering can by Gunnar Ander for Ystad-Metall. Price: 400 euro

33. Ko VerzuuAdo 1920s x2 children's modernist chairs. 
Price: 650 euro

34. Jean Prouve M21 table by Tecta. 1980s production. Price 1,450 euro 
9. Italian glass murano dish. 1960s

35. Marianne Brandt (attrib.) desk lamp GMF stamps to underside. Rare version in green. 
Price: 900 euro.
10. Jan van Bommel 1950s low modernist table.

36. Heals 'Vesper' sideboard, maple and beech with curved interior drawers. 1940s. 
Price: 1,400 euro

37. Aldo van den Nieuwelaar TC2 Atimeta lamp 1972. From an original edition of 127.
Price: 3,600 euro

38. 1950s wall mounted bench designed by architect Aldo Van Eyck
Price: 1,100 euro

39. Pair of Florence Knoll '75' stackable 
stool. USA 1960s.
Price: 400 euro

40. Rene Andre Coulon (1908-97) St. Gobain x2 1930s electric heaters (known as 'radiavers') first exhibited at the Paris World's Fair in 1937. Provenance available. 
Price: 200 euro

41. A pair of Bossche School kneeling platforms. Price: 400 euro

42. Very rare Elmar Berkovich low/ side 'Beek' table for Spectrum.1956 (a documented model produced only for one year) Restored condition. 
Price: 900 euro

43. Marcel Breuer rare early edition b34 1930s chair. Price: 2,550 euro

44. Two teak brutalist tables. 
Price: 500 euro
11. 1960s Scandinavian desk chair.
12. B10 Thonet table by Marcel Breuer. Bauhaus mid-century furniture modernist

13. Wim Rietveld bookshelves 1960s
14. Janni van pelt Dutch design table. 1950s
15. Bas Van Pelt 1930s modernist oak desk. Maker's details to the underside. Chairs also available.45. Model PK55 Ash and Steel Table by Poul Kjaerholm, 1970s
Price: 2,200 euro

46. Modernist small rug Price: 100 euro

47. Gordon Russell 1970s pearwood and chrome table. 
Price: 1,400 euro.

48. Poul Kjaerholm candelabra PK101 1956. Marked 'Denmark'  
Price: 3,900 euro.

49. Borge Mogensen card table/dining table for Bra Bohag. 1950s. Price: 1650 euro.

50. Lisa Johansson-Pape Finnish dining set. 1960. 
Price: 3,650 euro 

51. André Groult - folding side table. 1920s. Price: 800 euro

52. 'Scissor' sofa for UMS Pastoe designed by Jan van Grunsven. 1950s. 
Price: 1,700 euro

53. Hans Wegner Danish design Opala lamp
Price: 350 euro

54. Jan de Jong/ Hans vd Laan church table. (with provenance) POA.

55. Alvar Aalto "Kakkonen" Chair No. 2. Co-designed by Alvar Aalto and Otto Korhonen in 1930
Price: 2,500 euro

56. Dutch 1960s chair. Vinyl and steel. 
Price: 400 euro

57. Arne Vodder. Rolling rosewood bar for Sibast. Denmark
Price: 1,000 euro

58. 1920s modernist cabinet.

59. Pair of 1960s 'Gamma' lounge chairs designed by Rudolf Wolf
Price: 580 euro p/p

60. Interesting French? low chair - Modernist/ deco. In need of restoration.
Price 550 euro.

61. Wim Rietveld Model'Recent' table for Ahrend Cirkel. 1960s. Price: 430 euro 

62. Sybold van Ravesteyn - Rare set of six 1930s chairs. 
Price 1,800 p/p.

63. Willem Lutjens 1950s shelving unit. 
Price: 2500 euro

64. Set of three Dom Hans vd Laan (Jan de Jong) chairs. 1970s. (with some provenance)

65. Dom Hans vd Laan (Jan de Jong) hall stand. 1970s (with some provenance) 

66. 1970s lamps by Maison Jansen. 
Price: 2,000 euro.

67. Paul Kingma stone coffee table with various inclusions/ Signed. 1990s edition.
Price: 900 euro

68. Dom Hans vd Laan bench. Early production (with good provenance) POA.

69. Pair of German or Swedish early c20th Werkbund style stools. 750 euro

70. Slothouber & Graatsma five 1970s cubes (with provenance) Price 2,900 euro. 

71. 1960s French minimalist table. 
Price: 500 euro.

72. Pair of Dutch benches in the Japanese manner. 1960s. Price 800 euro

73. Aldo van den Nieuwelaar TC6 'Circle lamp' 1970s. Price: 1250 euro

74. French 1950s pine bench. Price: 1550 euro

75. 1960s carved wooden abstract sculpture. PoA.

76. Willem Gispen rare 5012 Giso table lamp 1930s. Price: 2600 euro

77. Liberty & Co oak hall bench Price: 525 euro

78. Scandinavian pine table. Price: 1150 euro

79. Franz Schuster side table. 1920s.
Price 1,550 euro

80. Rosewood table by Poul Cadovius for France & Sons. Price: 900 euro
16. Jacobsen Grand Prix circular table. Danish design.

81. Danish 1960s teak upholstered chair.
Price: 420 euro

82. Hein Salomonson pair of rare easy chairs. 1958. Price 2,200.

83. Italian side chairs x2
Price: 450 euro

84. Ingo Maurer bottle table lamp for M Design. 1970s. 450 euro

85. Italian cherry wood coat/hat stand. 1950s/ 
Price: 1,500 euro

86. Pair of Danish Holmegaard lamps. 1960s.
Price: 500 euro

87. Alvar Aalto H Leg extendable dining table for Artek 1950s. Poa.

88. Theo de Wit 1930s Dutch side chair.
Price: 1,250 euro

17. Illmari Tapiovaara Wilhelmina chair 1960s. Finnish.
89. Unusual wooden coatrack.
Price: 200 euro

90. Rare set of three 'Twello' nesting tables. Designed by Martin Visser for Dutch manufacturer 't spectrum. Produced for only one year 1956-57.
Price: 625 euro

18. Elmar Berkovich table. Metz&Co. 1930s.

19. Morris of Glasgow toby chairs. Rare mid-century versions of the more common known design - This version does not stack.

20. Kandya kitchen cupboard. 1950s.
21. Alvar Aalto model 60 stool. Finmar.
22. Dutch design Raak 'starfall' wall lamp.  Jelles design

23. Cor Alons. Rare Dutch plywood set. 1950s.

24. Marcel Breuer Isokon long chair early edition (made according to the original smaller measurements)

25. Jan De Jong / Dom v.d. Laan table

26. Hans Wegner bookshelves 1960s. Ry Mobler.
27. Dom Hans van der Laan desk/table.

28. Small Dutch 1950s chair.

29. William Watting Danish design shelving units. 1960s

30. Dutch 1930s oak table.

31. Dutch Amsterdam School wall lamp. 1920s.

32.  Swedish Watering can by Gunnar Ander for Ystad-Metall

33. Early edition Ado set. Dutch modernist.

34. Jean Prouve M21 table by Tecta. 1980s/90s production.

35. Marianne Brandt desk lamp with rare colour-way. 1930s

36. two parts of a unique bedroom suite made for Heals by Vesper 1940s

37. Aldo van den Nieuwelaar TC2 Atimeta lamp 1972. 1/127 edition

38. Aldo Van Eyck commissioned bench.

39. Florence Knoll stackable stool 1960s.

40. Pair of 1930s heaters

41. Bossche School benches. 1960s.

42. Elmar Berkovich low/ side 'Beek' table for Spectrum.1956

43. Marcel Breuer rare b34 chair for Thonet.

44. Two teak side tables. Brutalist 1970s.

45. Model PK55 Ash and Steel Table by Poul Kjaerholm, 1970s

46. Small modernist rug. 1930s-50s

47. 1970s Gordon Russell pearwood and chrome table.

48. Poul Kjaerholm pk101. 1950s candelabra. Denmark.

49. Borge Morgensen card table / dining table.1950s. Danish design.

50. Lisa Johansson Pape 1960s Finnish design dining set.

51. André Groult folding table. French design 1920s.

52. Rare Scissor sofa by Jan van Grunsven 1950s

53. Hans Wegner Danish design Opala lamp.

54. Dom hans van der Laan.


56. Dutch vinyl and steel low chair. 1960s.

57. Arne Vodder for Sibast. Rolling bar. Rosewood. 1960s.

58. modernist cabinet. Oregan pine.

59. Pair of 'Gamma' lounge chairs designed by Rudolf Wolf. 1960s.

60. Interesting French? low chair - Modernist/ deco. In need of restoration.

61. Wim Rietveld 'Recent' table 1960s. Ahrend Cirkel.

62. Sybold van Ravesteyn 1920s-30s chairs.

63. Willem Lutjens shelving unit. 1950s

64. Dom Hans van der Laan three chairs. 1970s.

65. Dom Hans van der Laan. 1970s hall stand.

66.Maison Jansen Reed wall lamps. 1970s.

67. Paul Kingma brutalist coffee table. 1990s.

68. Dom Hans vd Laan. Rare oak bench.

69. German or Swedish early c20th oregan pine stools.
70. Graatsma & Slothouber minimal cubes (with provenance). 1970s.
71. Ashwood and Cherry wood 1960s French table.

72. Pair of Japanese style ebonised stools. 1960s

73. Aldo van den Nieuwelaar TC6 circle lamp. 1970s.

74. Pine French 1950s bench.

75. Midcentury carved biomorphic abstract sculpture.

76. Willem Gispen table lamp 1930s

77. Liberty & Co hall bench Circa 1890s. Arts & Crafts.

78. Scandinavian Pine extendable table. 1970s.

79. Franz Schuster table. 1920s/30s

80. Poul Cadovius rosewood table for France & Sons. 1960s.

81. Danish chair. 1960s.

82. Hein Salomonson pair of easy chairs 1970s

83. Italian design side chairs. 1950s

84. Ingo Maurer bottle lamp for M Design. Italian design. 1970s.
85. Italian 1950s coat or hat stand.
86. Pair of Holmegaard table lamps. 1960s.
87. Alvar Aalto H Leg extending table for Artek. 1950s
88. Theo de Wit 1930s modernist chair

89. Unusual wooden coatrack 1940s-50s90. Rare set of three Martin Visser 'Twello' nesting tables for 't Spectrum 1956-57
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